The Stock Rebel Story


Stock Rebel was created to offer a fresh approach for investors. We aim to demystify investing and seek out methods that truly work. Many in the industry attempt to cultivate an aura of secret knowledge and special expertise, demanding high fees and deliveering poor results. Stock Rebel offers a refreshing, transparent approach to investing. Simply put, results count.

How it Began

The ideas that shaped Stock Rebel took form when two friends, Bruce Daccord and Jon Dearden co-founded one of the first e-commerce ventures in Canada. It became an overnight success—after only six years of hard work—when it was sold in an acquisition.

The challenge of how to invest the proceeds of the sale forced a careful consideration of the options. The partners were familiar with traditional investment products such as mutual funds, but knew that high-priced fund managers rarely beat the market over the long run. The professionals justify their hefty fees with claims of special expertise and superior returns, but the results are often miserable.

There had to be a better way. It was time to rebel against the industry. Jon and Bruce became avid students of the stock market. After investigating numerous investment approaches, they settled on a method that keeps fees to a minimum and beats market returns over the long run. Investing their own capital, they have successfully applied this strategy for more than 15 years through one of the toughest investment periods in history.

The technique became the Stock Rebel Strategy.

Meet the Rebels

Bruce Daccord
Bruce J. Daccord CPA, CA
Bruce is a Chartered Accountant with more than 25 years of business experience across multiple industries including international sales, retailing and manufacturing. In addition to co-founding an e-commerce venture with Jon, he is co-founder of a successful national leasing company. Bruce has a longstanding passion for investment strategy development and for outperforming the markets.

Jon Dearden
Jon Dearden
Jon's professional career focuses on computer technology and its applications. His specialties include communications, software design, and investment research. In 1994 he and Bruce co-founded one of Canada's first e-commerce retail ventures. Jon holds patents in mobile device hardware and client-server communications. He leverages his skills to analyze and test investment strategies.