It’s Time to Rebel

Sea shore

Welcome to the official christening of the Rebel Reader! Today we break the champagne bottle on the bow of this new ship and take it out to sea.

The goal of these articles is to be a helpful resource to readers and most importantly, to answer the big question about securities investing: “How can I really make money in the stock market?” There is so much noise out there when it comes to investing. So many complex financial products. So much confusing advice. How can we sift through all the clutter and learn what really works and what doesn't?

There has to be a better way

Traditional investment products such as mutual funds are run by high-priced fund managers who rarely beat the market over the long run. The professionals justify their hefty fees with claims of special expertise and superior returns, but results are usually miserable. Studies show that over 80% of actively managed mutual funds fail to beat even market averages over periods of 10 years. Essentially none do over longer periods. [1]

The investment industry is in a sick state of affairs. The experts rarely deliver results, but they always get paid. So-called financial advisors get kickbacks from the high-priced active funds. Stock exchanges get kickbacks from high-frequency traders. Everyone has their hands out. There has to be a better way.

It’s time to rebel!

Discover what really works

While these articles are about making money with stock trading, we'll also need to touch on other important topics from time-to-time, such as fees, taxes and inflation. After all, what good is making a bunch of money if you don't get to keep it? The goal is to make real money after all costs are accounted for.

If you're like many investors, you may think it's impossible to make good money in securities. You may have lost money in the market or have seen years go by with little to show. You may believe that getting good results is mostly a matter of random luck at this point. That's understandable. It is hard to consistently do well. However, you can make money in the markets and you can succeed over the long term. It doesn't take luck, the ability to read tea leaves, or a degree in financial management. It does require discipline and knowledge.

Markets are not entirely random. There are strategies available that allow you to make a reasonable profit over the long term. That's what these articles are all about; debunking myths and discovering what really works in securities investing.

Welcome aboard, rebel!


Jon Dearden

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