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Succeed in Stock Market Investing
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Buying is easy. Selling is hard. Cutting your losses is excruciating.
This proven strategy removes fear and greed from the equation,
helping you succeed in stock market investing.

Why do you find it so hard to make money in the markets?
  • You don’t know when to buy and sell
  • You let emotions get in the way
  • You pay high fees
  • You rely on “experts” who often get it wrong
  • You lack the necessary knowledge
  • You don't have a plan

Of all these factors, one of the greatest reasons for failure is simply not having a plan. Research shows that investors who follow a disciplined plan beat investors who do not, regardless of what the plan is.

It’s hard to get ahead with your investments. The financial industry is filled with people with their hands out, charging high fees and not delivering results. Studies find that more than 80% of active fund managers fail to beat the market over the long run[1]. The experts are often wrong, but they always get paid.

Direct trading of your own account is an attractive alternative. But now it’s not the experts who let you down. It’s you. You buy at the top of the market when things look great and sell low, during your point of greatest despair. Or you refuse to cut your losses and ride your investments further down. How do you know what to buy and when to buy it? How long do you hold? When do you sell?

These are extremely difficult questions to answer. Not knowing the answers doesn’t make you a dummy. It makes you, well… a retail investor. Losses from retail investors contribute a major portion of the gains enjoyed by the disciplined few who succeed in the markets. How can you succceed?

You need discipline. You need dedication. And you need a strategy.

The Stock Rebel Strategy

The Stock Rebel Strategy™ is a trading method that has outperformed the market by a strong margin through one of the toughest investment periods in history. Now you can take advantage of this proven plan to trade your own accounts. These charts show the result of the strategy in action, in real dollars, for more than 16 years.

Actual monthly results from the Stock Rebel reference portfolio starting with $100,000 invested in the fall of 2000. As of year-end 2016 the portfolio has returned about 12.7% compound annual growth, after trading costs, compared to about 3.1% CAG for the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

Yearly results, after trading costs, since 2000. The strategy beat the market benchmark by a good margin in 12 out of 16 years.


Period Stock Rebel Strategy S&P/TSX Composite Index
3-year 12.8% 3.9%
5-year 15.2% 5.0%
10-year 10.0% 1.7%
Since inception 12.7% 3.1%

Compound annual returns to year-end 2016.

A Proven Methodology

The Stock Rebel Strategy is a disciplined approach to stock investing. There’s little drama and no guessing. It’s the consistent application of a proven momentum methodology, quarter after quarter, year after year. The strategy takes the guessing out of investing, helping you to succeed. You rebalance your portfolio just four times per year, making your own trades on your own account. It’s that simple.

Become a rebel
The Stock Rebel Story

The ideas that shaped Stock Rebel took form when two friends, Bruce Daccord and Jon Dearden co-founded one of the first e-commerce ventures in Canada. It became an overnight success—after only six years of hard work—when it was sold in an acquisition.

The challenge of how to invest the proceeds of the sale forced a careful consideration of the options. The partners were familiar with traditional investment products such as mutual funds, but knew that high-priced active fund managers rarely beat the market over the long run. The professionals justify their hefty fees with claims of special expertise and superior returns, but results are often miserable.

There had to be a better way. It was time to rebel against the industry. Jon and Bruce became avid students of the stock market. After examining numerous investment approaches, they settled on a method that keeps fees to a minimum and has outperformed the market over the long run. Investing their own capital, they have successfully applied the strategy for more than 15 years.

The technique became the Stock Rebel Strategy.

Meet the Rebels

Bruce J. Daccord (CPA, CA) is a Chartered Accountant with more than 25 years of business experience across multiple industries including international sales, retailing and manufacturing. Bruce has a longstanding passion for investment strategies and outperforming the markets.

Jon Dearden’s professional career focuses on computer technology and its applications. His specialties include communications and software design. Jon leverages his technical skills to analyze and test investment strategies.

If Fund Managers Usually Can’t Beat the Market, How Can this Strategy?

Studies show that more than 80% of active fund managers don’t beat the market over the long run[1]. Reasons for this poor result include the size of the funds, over diversification, manager salaries, research costs, marketing costs, and kickbacks paid to financial advisors. And then there are the hefty fees you pay to participate in all the disappointment.

The Stock Rebel Strategy is a low-cost approach that has been very effective. It simply lets the market determine, through share price momentum, which stocks may have promise going forward. Momentum strategies appear to do generally well over the long term. You pay a simple subscription fee to participate. That’s it.

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How Does It Work?

The Stock Rebel Strategy uses a momentum approach for stock selection. We begin by identifying a group of high-quality securities that will form our selection pool. Share prices for stocks in the pool are tracked over time to determine the most promising candidates. A weighting formula is applied and ten stocks are chosen for the reference portfolio. Stock holdings in the portfolio are purchased in equal dollar amounts. Each quarter, we repeat the process and rebalance the portfolio.

Momentum strategies are based on the premise that if the price of a security has risen well over a recent period of time, there is a higher than average probability it will continue to do well going forward.

The Stock Rebel Strategy solves one of the most difficult challenges in investing: “When should I sell?” The strategy takes fear and greed out of the equation. It also tends to “self-correct” over time. If a particular stock holding drops in value relative to other stocks, it gets bumped out of the portfolio at the next rebalancing. When a stock has done well and has risen in value beyond ten percent of the portfolio’s value, a portion is sold off and profits are taken.

The strategy does not use leverage, short selling, or investment in derivatives. Stocks are selected from high-quality, large cap companies; typically domestic or multinational leaders within their industries. These securities are among the largest and most liquid on the stock exchange.

When you subscribe to Stock Rebel membership, you’ll receive quarterly trading data to use for trading your own account. We don’t have access to your investments. You’ll receive information on stocks to sell, stocks to hold, and stocks to buy for the next quarter. These are the same trades that occur for the reference portfolio. Simply rebalance your own portfolio to match. It requires about an hour of work, four times per year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Guarantee sealThe Rebels fully stand behind the service. If you’re not completely satisfied with your subscription within 30 days of your first payment, it will be refunded. You may cancel your subscription at any time.
What Do I Receive with My Subscription?

You receive access to a proven investment strategy that has outperformed the market by a strong margin for over 15 years.

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to trading data for the current calendar quarter. Going forward, you'll receive a number of email notifications on a quarterly basis. The first will arrive about one week before the start of each new calendar quarter. It’s a reminder that your trading data will soon be available. The trading data is posted to your secure membership area the evening before the first business day of each new calendar quarter. It contains the list of the stocks you should hold in your portfolio over the next three months.

You also receive a complete portfolio rebalancing guide along with a helpful “smart” stock rebalancing worksheet. The worksheet is already filled in with trading data from the previous quarter and new stocks for the upcoming quarter. Simply enter your current balance and share holdings. The worksheet calculates how many of each stock you need to buy or sell.

And remember, we’re happy to answer questions and support you all the way. Let's get started, rebel.

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